Cagney Steam Train

The Cagney Brothers " Miniature Railroad Company" Began building steam locomotives in 1894, and their popular 15" gauge 4-4-0 was a crude replica of the New York Central No.999.

For many decades these engines were found working at amusement parks, zoos, city parks and fairs across the country. some were even put to practical use working in mines but most were just for novelty or amusement.

All in all Cagney built about 1300 Locomotives in many different sixes and gauges before it went out of business in 1946

Below are pictures of what the Cagney looked like being used Coney Island 

The Tracks are starting to be laid at the club in Orange. Stay tuned... Or better yet, Come on out and see it !! We always can use your help on work days